Wear & Care Guide

How to wear the bracelet

Your bracelet is delivered with a standard opening that at first sight may appear too small for you. However, when you follow the following instructions for wearing, your new bracelet will slide on to your arm effortlessly and be positioned correctly:


Relax your arm. Behind the wrist on the inside of your arm (the width of two fingers above the place where you can feel your pulse in the direction of your elbow), you will find a soft spot. With a tiny bit of pressure, place one end of the bracelet inside this small “dent” and pull the other end over the outside of the underarm.


Do not use any extra force by pressing or pulling on the bracelet. Should the opening remain too small despite having followed the above directions, you can widen it by pulling gently on both sides. Don’t worry – you cannot damage your jewellery by doing this.


Without pressure, the bracelet should wrap around your forearm without any change to the shape of your arm while at the same time,
it should not be hanging loosely. Ideally it will sit directly on the wrist.

Caring for your new bracelet

Our jewellery is hand-made from massive copper, stainless steel, brass or sterling silver and the surface is not treated. Under certain conditions, copper and silver are more prone to developing a patina, but brass also has
the tendency to become darker. You can clean or polish your bracelet simply with a cleaning paste for silver or brass and it will return to its original condition. A “silver bath” (a cleaning fluid into which you dip your jewellery) is not recommended. The simplest solution is to wear the bracelet as the patina usually disappears of its own accord.

Some people experience a slight greenish discolouring of the skin underneath the bracelet after wearing it (copper reacts to the dampness of the skin). This is completely harmless and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Enjoy your new hand-made jewellery!