Handmade in Munich with Love ❤️

About us

Hand worker with passion

It all started in the early 1970s on Italy's most famous bridge, the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. With a cloth on the floor, a few tools, different materials, an unerring sense of aesthetics and exciting ideas. Lois Mathar was not yet 20 at the time, and tourists quickly became aware of this young man and his unusual, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Since 1980 the artist has been living very secluded in Munich. He still goes about his work with passion and unconditional dedication, and has perfected his skills over the years. Today, his minimalist jewelery is of the highest quality and is sold in selected shops around the world. He still calmly forges each bracelet individually and by hand - piece by piece. The 001 series is characterized by the purity of its form, its timeless aesthetics and its simple elegance. It is reduced to the essentials: pure, massive, without a logo and is appreciated by women and men alike. Mathar maintains traditions with his "Hand-Werk", obtains all materials in Germany and attaches great importance to sustainability. His bangles are made to be worn for a lifetime and allowed to age gracefully with their owners. But if a scratch bothers you at some point, he will exchange it even years later.

Convinced of this artist, his personality and his skills, Ulrike Eichin founded the label "Lois Mathar - made in Munich" in 2019. She is a journalist and filmmaker, loves the extraordinary (both in people and in jewellery), lives in Mainz and works closely with Lois Mathar.