Wear & Care Guide

What you should consider when putting on your bracelet:

When you unpack your bracelet, the opening may seem quite small, and the first attempt at slipping it over your arm may be a little tiring. The good news: there is a trick. This allows your new piece of jewelery to slide easily to the right place.


There is a soft spot on the inside of your arm, three finger widths below the palm of your hand. Now press one end of the bracelet lightly into this hollow. This gives you enough “air” to slip the other end over the outside of your forearm without exerting yourself. Et voilà: now the piece of jewelery should fit perfectly. Not too loose, but not too tight either.


In the narrow and medium versions, the opening is deliberately kept a little smaller so that you can adjust the bracelet individually. It's easier to bend the bracelet up a few millimeters than it is to bend it down. Don't worry, you can't damage your piece of jewelry. Bending is more difficult with the wide version and with the extremely hard steel it is hardly possible without tools. We make sure that the opening corresponds to the standard size of 2.5 cm.


If the bracelet doesn't fit perfectly, it may be too big or too small. Please contact us and let us know the exact circumference of your wrist. We will be happy to advise you, exchange the bangle without any problems, and also manufacture intermediate sizes on request. This does not result in any additional costs.


Caring for Your Bracelet: We craft our jewelry from solid copper, stainless steel, brass and sterling silver. Since it is not surface-treated, your bracelet will darken if you do not wear it for a long time and it is exposed to the air in the room. (Only stainless steel is spared such an “oxidation”). But that's not a problem. With a soft cloth and a silver polish, you can quickly restore the original condition. Or you can use a home remedy and apply a little toothpaste. Let the paste work for a moment, rinse the bangle with cold water, and then buff dry with a lint-free cloth. A bit of cotton provides the ultimate shine. It is easiest if you put the jewelry on, then the patina often disappears by itself. It wears off – just like silver jewelry does.

A dark and dry place is suitable for storage. Storage in an airtight plastic bag in the jewelry box is ideal.

And one more thing: Some people discolour the skin under the piece of jewellery. slightly green for copper, rather dark for silver. This is because the microcosm of the skin varies from person to person and also changes over the course of the day (e.g. with heavy sweating). The metal reacts to this. The discoloration is completely harmless and washes off easily with soap and water.