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NEW :Bangle | Brass | semicircular

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hand forged in Munich

made from genuine materials

unlimited guarantee

How do I find the right size?

If possible, enter the measured wrist circumference as an order note in the shopping cart.

Accuracy of the bangles

S = 15.5cm fits from 14-15.5cm
S+ = 16 cm fits from 15-16.5 cm
M = 17.5cm fits from 16.5-18cm
L = 19.5 cm fits from 18-20 cm
L+ = 21.5 cm fits from 20-22 cm

NEW :Bangle | Brass | semicircular
NEW :Bangle | Brass | semicircular
NEW :Bangle | Brass | semicircular
NEW :Bangle | Brass | semicircular
NEW :Bangle | Brass | semicircular

clear design and pure aesthetics

In the bangles , Lois Mathar combines his passion for genuine materials, his love for genuine craftsmanship and his passion for a clear, simple design language. Sustainability is important to him. Mathar forges each bracelet with great care, entirely by hand, piece by piece.

001_B05: the shiny gold half-round among the brass bracelets


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How do I determine the correct size?


    The basis is your wrist circumference - measured not too tight, but not too loose either. Simply place the tape measure around your wrist to determine the measurement.


    If measuring is not possible, there may be an “old bangle” where the inner circumference (including the opening) can be determined, or a watch bracelet that provides information about the measurement you are looking for.


    If you don't have a tape measure, take a thread, wrap it around your wrist and cut it in the right place. Then you can determine the length with a ruler.


    Even better is a paper strip with scotch tape
    glued together and cut open again after measuring. With that leaves
    Determine carefully how loose or tight the bracelet should be.


Sustainability is important to us. With our jewelry - and with the packaging. Each bracelet is carefully wrapped in tissue paper, placed on felt, provided with a polishing cloth and sent on its journey in a simple gray box. It bears the embossed signature of the studio 'Lois Mathar - Made in Munich'.

The enclosed small gift (hopefully) brings good luck and comes from a Bavarian metalworking family business


Are there special sizes?

We can make any size you want, and all we need is your exact wrist circumference - measured not too tight, but not too loose either. Such custom-made products do not incur any additional costs and only take 2 – 3 days longer.

What happens if I order the wrong size?

If your bracelet doesn't fit perfectly, we'll be happy to exchange it. Please determine your exact wrist circumference - not too tight, but not too loose either. Maybe you are between two sizes - then we can offer you a custom-made product. This does not result in any additional costs.

Please note our tips for “taking the right measurements”.

How does a warranty claim work?

Jewelry is an object of daily life and is therefore exposed to physical and climatic influences. They leave traces – scratches, for example. Any material from which jewelry is made can show such signs of wear. They make it unique and therefore a very personal companion. Our bangles are pieces of jewelry for life. They are allowed to age with dignity alongside “their people”. But if such a scratch bothers you at some point, we will exchange the bracelet for a new one, even years later. The guarantee is valid indefinitely. As always, shipping is free.

How much is the shipping?

Our standard shipping is free worldwide. We normally ship with DHL. Within Germany this takes 1-2 days. To the USA 8-10 days, to Australia 2-3 weeks. A tracking number provides information about the current status of the delivery.

Express shipments (UPS, DPD or DHL Express) are also possible. For this we charge 5 euros in Germany and 10 euros in other EU countries. Unfortunately it is much more expensive overseas. Example: San Francisco currently 43 euros (UPS), Sydney 60 euros (UPS). We contribute to the costs - arrangements made by email. .